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What Are LEADERSHIP Moments?

Passionate about leadership and leadership development, I enjoy my work with leaders at every level – organization, team, and individual. Subsequently, I am always thinking about ways to continue impacting and creating value. I have a particular affinity for mid-level leaders and shared service providers and the tensions they continuously navigate.  


With this in mind, I am excited to launch "Leadership Moments with Dr. Angela" – a weekly offering of thought leadership inspired by my experiences and observations. Each week in 2024, I'll share a challenging thought or perspective that prompts reflection, assessment, along a resource to encourage application.

SMCR Model

SBAR Model

AIDA Model


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Week 2

Build Trust and Credibility

Communicating effectively with executives presents a unique challenge due to the need for clarity, conciseness, and relevance in conveying information. As the source, you want to make sure that your message is current and accurate. Executives often have limited time and are inundated with various responsibilities and priorities, making it essential for communication to be structured and efficient. SBAR offers a structure to frame high-stakes messages for senior leaders.

Week 1

Communication Roadmap  

Berlo's S-M-C-R mode is a structured approach that offers clarity for leaders facing the complexities of conveying messages. By understanding the source, crafting the message thoughtfully, selecting the right channel, and considering the receiver, leaders ensure their communication is clear and impactful.

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